Wallpaper Paste Myth

Yes, we all have that story that wallpaper equals messy paste and that it’s even more hell to get off the wall, but to tell you the truth that was way back in the 70’s.

For many years wallpaper has been getting a bad rep due to decor companies vying for cheaper material and other ways to cut costs in order to increase their profit margin. Unfortunately this meant that the wallpaper industry would take a nose dive by the late 70’s and early 80’s. Not only that, but meant paint would gain popularity and big box stores would take notice, making paint easily accessible and affordable.Wallpaper became a thing of the past.

Like all things, design and decor is cyclical which means wallpaper is getting a second chance. Nowadays a second chance means improving the product with technology offering up more possibility for revival. This is why wallpaper murals are gaining ground today and the paste fiasco associated with it is slowly becoming that of myth.

Digital design and innovations in material are paving the way for wallpaper popularity. Design and decor is becoming so much more important to the average consumers who are bombarded with design/decor/reality shows all over T.V. There is no more room for drab solid color walls with bulky decor. Consumers are now looking for punch and pizazz. Have a look at your average home reality shows and you will find a great deal of wallpaper being used, and even more specifically in murals.

This is 2010, technology has paved the way to a beautiful material called pre-pasted non-woven mural paper. A hand full of people in the wall decor industry have switched to this type of material because of its ease of use and versatility.

PRE-PASTED wallpaper nowadays are specially formulated by some companies like online store Mural Direct, to not actually stick on the wall but act as a a barrier from paper to wall. This type of adhesive is easy to activate simply by using water and a soft sponge. This along with a strong non-woven material makes it great for maneuvering the panels into place. To decorate a full wall using this method now takes approx. 30 min. rather than back in the day, would take 4 hours to grab extra tools and paste each panel by hand not to mention the clean-up. Try decorating a room in 30 min. using paint!

As for removing wallpaper, this isn’t even any issue anymore. Some online stores use this material exclusively in all their products and can vouch for its easy remove ability, and some companies even vouch that its re-usable. Depending on how carefully you pull it off, you may be able to move your mural to a different wall in the future. This makes for even more value for our buck.

So people take notice and throw away all those tools and latch on to creativity instead. Wallpaper murals nowadays won’t get consumers into any sort of sticky situation. So for those that doubt wallpaper murals come back have a visit to the Free wallpaper¬†mural guide blog, and re-discover wallpaper murals.


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