Shotcrete – An Innovative Approach Redefining Modern Construction

New construction technology has played a vital role in the growth of today’s marketplace. Shotcrete is a new construction technology that was used to create the Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust, which received the American Institute of Architects Award in 2014 for Interior Architecture. Shotcrete is mortar or small-aggregate concrete that is pneumatically projected onto a surface at a high velocity. Shotcrete is best for thin or curved shallow repairs and concrete structures. However, shotcrete is strong enough to be used for almost any job. Shotcrete is stronger than traditional concrete because it is sprayed, which allows more air to be removed from the product, making it stronger.

One of the biggest advantages of using the procedure is quicker construction, specifically for complex shapes, curved walls, arches and designs. It can be sprayed in place on vertical and overhead surfaces without the need for forming. The two types of shotcrete applications are the wet and dry processes. With the wet process, you will have slightly higher water content, because the material must be of a flowable consistency to be pumped, so accelerators are commonly used. In dry process shotcreting, the material is conveyed through the hose in a dry or damp state and water is added at the nozzle.

The material is shot into its final place, so forming is either entirely reduced or at minimum reduced by 50 percent when one-sided forms are necessary. Shotcrete is the ideal material in the construction of several new buildings from foundations up to arenas and everything in the middle. After years of examination and experimentation, an increasing amount of new construction jobs selected shotcrete because of lower expenditures due to reduced forming and the capability to build a variety of shaped surfaces while offering a strong concrete structure.

You want to hire a company that is going to meet or exceed your expectations for your project, while offering a fair price. The contractor needs to have the proper qualifications and be able to supply the material, equipment, and personnel required for the job. Shotcrete is also great for ground support in tunneling and mining. It provides early ground support after excavating or blasting. Projects completed using shotcrete were finished 33 to 50 percent faster that other projects.

Shotcrete Systems plays a critical role in using shotcrete to developing construction projects like the Fox Parking Structure. If you would like to learn more about shotcrete construction, visit their website.

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