SEO Learn Easy Way To Promote A Dry Topic Website Such As Construction

Turn a dry topic website into a successful SEO campaign!

In this article I am going to share my own personal insights of SEO and web promotion that I learned when I was doing web promotion for my own personal “dry topic” web site dedicated to metal roofing and general information about metal roofs.

Here is some helpful background information, which will help you better understand where I was coming from so that you can relate and use the insights I have learned for your particular situation:

I got involved with promotion of my own personal construction website about 8 months ago. For me, it became a simultaneous process of website development and promotion. Back then I had very little idea of what it takes to promote a website, and not surprisingly, I was making quite a few mistakes because I did not have a lot of experience at the moment.

Eventually, I was able to learn from my mistakes and correct them. After I corrected many of my initial mistakes, my website started showing up in search engine for many site specific key phrases. I learned a lot and I want to share some of the very important things with you:

It is possible to attain great success even with the boring and dry topic web site as long as you can present the information in the right way. There are always people on the internet who are looking for information that you know, and that no one has made available, or the available information is not presented in a clear and concise enough way that the user is looking for. The point I am making here is that there has to be a reason for your site to exist, and it has to be beneficial to the end user or people who are looking for your site’s topic information.

Start with the goal in mind: Decide for yourself why are you making a website, and what is the end goal for the existence of your website. It is a kind of mission statement for your own website that will keep you focused during the website creation process and its promotion. If you are making a website about laundry, then make sure you make it as interesting and informative as possible. For instance you could write some articles related to your topic that people may find interesting and make them easy to find for your website visitors. This will also help to get other webmasters to want to link to your website.

Navigation: It is extremely important to make your website easy to navigate for your users. (check out my metal roofing website above for the example of a simple navigational menu.) You could find some free website templates on the internet. Easy navigation is an absolute must if you want to be linked by other webmasters and quality web directories.

Find out your keyword phrases: I recommend using keyword research tool to find the popular phrases for your main topic. For instance, my main topic is Metal Roofing, and that’s what I would use to find related search phrases for my main topic. You will want to target secondary keyword phrases until you build sufficient link momentum for your main key phrase. Make a list of key word phrases that you want to use for your website. Create keyword phrase specific web pages. Only target one key word phrase per page.

Meta title it is the most important element of your web page, so make sure your title is unique and descriptive for every page in your website. Use your keyword phrase in the meta title of your web page, which should be no longer than 40 characters as anything longer will be ignored by the search engines. For instance for my secondary keyword phrase web page of “metal roof prices” I would use a meta title such as title Learn metal roof prices in Massachusetts. title, which contains my keyword phrase and also location of my construction business.

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