Computer Parts and Their Uses

One of the most important and most useful things invented since the wheel is the “computer”. A computer is an electronic device used to do all sorts of tasks ranging from mathematical equations to playing games for entertainment.

Computer parts

Lots of machines and gadgets incorporate computer technology into them such as CCTV cameras, airport security, mobile phones, cash registers and the list goes on. OK so we understand computers are important, so let’s now take a quick look as some computers parts and their uses.

* Monitor

Monitor is the television like screen in the computer set. It is the one responsible for displaying and letting the user view the images and other information being displayed.

* Mouse

It is the small device held by the user to select the command that they tend to do. It is the access device of the user in using a computer set.

* Keyboard

Keyboard is the one being used by the user to type in letters, numbers and special characters in a text box. Keyboard divides into three parts the letter parts, the number part and lastly the keys that contain the special characters with special functions.

* Modem

It is a device that allows the computer to have internet access, where the user can surf and can have lots of ideas and information that they can gather. There are also some schools that are not using modems;

* Speakers

Speakers are used to produce sounds. They can be built into the monitor or external.

* Webcams

Webcams is used when the user wants to see the other person online. Some webcams especially webcams on laptops are built in or already installed in the computers program.

* Printer

A printer is used to print the information’s or details that the user needs. It is used to print hard copies of some important documents.

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